UCCB 2015

The 24th Season of the
Uxbridge Community Concert Band

The UXBRIDGE COMMUNITY CONCERT BAND has now completed its 24th season.

Our Famous Music Sorting Party will take place on Wednesday, September 2 at 7pm.

Recruitment for the 25th season will begin in early spring of 2016.  If you'd like to get on the mailing list, please send a comment from the bottom of this page.

The 2015 Repertoire!

Saturday Night Barn Dance by Michael Vertoske

Yee-haw!  A lively way to get the concert started.  Players and audience members will be tapping their foot throughout this one.

Fantasy on a Welsh Folksong by Robert E. Foster

The beautiful tune "All Through the Night" is presented and developed throughout this short selection.  A recognizeable tune, and a chance to play a rich melody!

Stardance by Michael Sweeney

Sweeney has a gift for combining modern composition with accessible music.  The opening sounds can almost make you see stars beginning to emerge in a darkened sky, and ethereal chords evoke the expansive cosmos... then the percussion really get going!

Shadowplay by Robert Buckley

This beautiful piece uses gentle harmonic sequences to great effect.  It features a solo soprano saxophone.

Dusk by Steven Bryant

Evoking the moments after sunset, this is a powerful piece of music.

Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens, arranged by Eric Osterling

Approaching midnight, and all sorts of things go bump in the night...

This link takes you to an orchestral version.  Ours will be a bit shorter.

Prelude in C# minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff, arranged by Robert Longfield

The opening notes convey darkness and gloom, and allude to the sound of bells chiming in the end.  Here are three versions for you to listen to...

The original piano version, played by Rubinstein,

a version for orchestra, as arranged by the inimitable Leopold Stokowski,

and the version for concert band that we'll be playing.

Selections from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

This is a full and intense arrangement of the biggest tunes from the show.  UCCB2005's version is posted here for comparision.  And for musical theatre fans: the show arrives in Toronto this December.  Get your tickets now!

Queen of the Night's Aria by W.A. Mozart, arranged by Geoffrey Brand

A major vocal accomplishment for any operatic soprano, this version is written for solo flute, and will be performed by our own Sarah Pollard.

Blanche Comme La Neige by Harry Freedman

Is there anything more beautiful than a snow-covered field lit by moonlight?

This was a close second in our popular choice, and since we have family connections, it seemed only right to include it.

Nessun Dorma by Giocomo Puccini, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

"None shall sleep" from the opera Turandot, and Pavarotti's signature tune.

Night in the Tropics by Louis Gottschalk, arranged by Mark Williams

Our concerts are always on hot summer nights, so this will make our audience feel like they're in a Havana club!

The 2016 Popular Choice!

Next year is our 25th summer season!  And as always, the band members have an important role to play in choosing our repertoire.  Here is a list of selections performed in 2006.  Each band member gets to vote for ONE choice.  The Popular Choice will be announced at the Famous Music Sorting Party.  E-mail your votes to Steffan, or wait until the dress rehearsal at Trinity United to complete your ballot.

The theme in 2006 was "Mozart Goes to the Movies".
In alphabetical order, the five selections competing for your vote are...

Colonel Bogey, by Kenneth Alford
This march, with its famous "whistle" theme, was used in the movie Bridge on the River Kwai.

Into the Storm, by Robert W. Smith
The music features dramatic, rhythmic, and exciting music which departs to make way for a calm middle section depicting the "eye of the storm".

Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro" by W.A. Mozart
Catchy, melodic, and elegant music as you would expect from Mozart.  It will keep the woodwinds busy.

Selections from "Pirates of the Caribbean" by Klaus Badelt
This is an arrangement from the first movie, with all of the highly recognizable melodies.

The Stone Guest by Brian Hogg
The composer takes a melodic idea from Mozart's "Don Giovanni", and crafts a new composition around it.

With 64% of the band voting, as of August 31, the top three choices, in alphabetical order are:

1. Into the Storm

2. Marriage of Figaro

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Votes are given weighting according to each person's attendance record.

The separation between the top two contenders is 3.59 votes.

Make your vote count!  Cast your ballot today!

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